With a desire to study aviation, Kevin traveled to Slovakia, but now he lies in serious condition in the hospital. Help young Kevin regain his health and return home!

Kevin Leonardo Guzmán flew from Colombia in January 2022 to study at the University of Žilina. However, not even two years have passed, and his dreams have turned into a nightmare not only for him but also for his entire family. At the end of October 2023, a blood vessel in his brain suddenly burst, causing severe bleeding into the brain.

After three months, the boy still lies in the hospital in very serious condition, immobilized and unable to communicate. His parents traveled to Slovakia three days after learning this terrible news.

"For the boy, transport to Colombia for rehabilitation is now important. His parents have been here for three months without income, and their daily life is just a visit to the hospital all day," wrote the faculty where the young man studied.

In an effort to help Kevin, his classmate set up a transparent account where the public can contribute. His family has a debt of 20,000 euros in the Žilina hospital for the care provided. The hospital bill is currently almost 50,000 euros, but insurance has covered 30,000 euros of it.

"His desperate parents are asking for any financial assistance so they can leave Slovakia and continue their son's treatment at home in Colombia. We ask for your help with any amount to the transparent account. Thank you in advance to all who decide to contribute," the faculty pleads.

If you want to contribute even a single euro to Kevin, you can do so to this account:

IBAN: SK76 7500 0000 0040 3290 6374

Link to the transparent account: https://moja.csob.sk/transparent-accounts/a34cb531d51b67b01afb3155eefd4b32ecac59c85b92a3c61d8452af08b60650