Visa Information




The Administrative Department of Security - DAS -, grants an Entrance and Permanence Permit at the airports or immigration points in the Colombian territory to foreign visitors for short periods of time when no visa is required in order to enter the country.

This permit allows the visitor to enter Colombia and stay in the country, up to a maximum of 180 days per year and allows the visitor to have multiple entrances.



Visitors with the following purposes:

  •     Tourism
  •     Developing activities of journalist character, to cover an especial event, to the journalist, reporter, camera-man or photographer or to the person, who takes part on a journalistic group and accredits this function
  •     To establish contacts and commercial activities with companies in Colombia
  •     For attending seminars, conferences, symposium, lectures, expositions, non regular courses or studies.
  •     To assist to interviews in the selection process for public or private entities
  •     Medical treatment
  •     To participate in a sport, scientific, or cultural event in Colombia
  •     For urgent technical services


The citizens who are travelling to establish commercial contacts must present a letter from the foreign company stating the name and position of the applicant and detailed purpose of the trip.


The foreigner, who will supply urgent technical services, must present the aforementioned document and the company's compromise to assume full financial responsibility for the travel expenses, including the return of the applicant to the country of residence.


This letter must be translated into Spanish if the original is in a foreign language and both letters must be notarized and certified with an APOSTILLE.


This falls under the condition that no labour bond exists between the foreigner and the public or private entity in Colombia that requires his/her services.


If the foreigner is giving urgent technical services and needs to stay more than 45 days, he/she will be required to obtain a WORKING VISA, before travelling to Colombia.


Upon the entrance to Colombia, the foreigner, as we have mentioned, must request the Entrance and Permanence Permit at the Administrative Department for Security (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad – DAS), at the airport. For this, he/she must present:

  1. Passport with validity of at least three (3) months, in good condition, with enough clear pages,
  2. Documents that prove the activity to be performed in Colombia
  3. Documents that prove the foreigner’s economic situation is sufficient to develop the activity/activities that are to be undertaken in the country.
  4. Return ticket


If the purpose of the trip is any different than the ones mentioned before, it is necessary to apply for a visa to enter to Colombia.


If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us


The nationals of the following countries DO NOT require a visa to enter Colombia as a tourist:


Andorra (Principality of) • Argentina (Republic) • Australia • Austria (Republic of) • Bahamas (Commonwealth of The) • Barbados • Belgium (Kingdom of) • Belize • Bolivia (Republic of) • Brazil (Federal Republic of) • Brunei-Darussalam • Canada • Chile (Republic of) • Costa Rica (Republic of) • Croatia (Republic of The) • Cyprus (Republic of) • Czech Republic • Denmark (Kingdom of) • Dominica (Commonwealth of) • Dominican Republic • Ecuador (Republic of) • El Salvador (Republic of) • Estonia (Republic of) From the 1st of May 2008 • Finland (Republic of) • France • Germany (Federal Republic of) • Greece (Hellenic Republic) • Grenada • Guatemala (Republic of) • Guyana (Republic of) • Honduras (Republic of) • Hungary (Republic of) • Iceland (Republic of) • Indonesia (Republic of) • Ireland • Israel (State of) • Italy • Jamaica • Japan • Korea (Republic of) • Latvia (Republic of) From the 1st of May 2008 • Liechtenstein (Principality of) • Lithuania (Republic of) • Luxembourg (Great Dukedom of) • Malaysia • Malta (Republic of) • Mexico (the United States of) • Monaco (Principality of) • Netherlands (Kingdom of The) • New Zealand • Norway (Kingdom of) • Antigua and Barbuda • Panama (Republic of) • Paraguay (Republic of) • Peru (Republic of) • Philippines (Republic of The) • Poland (Republic of) From the 1st of May 2008 • Portugal (Republic of) • Rumania • Russia From the 4th of Apr 2009 • Saint Kitts and Nevis • Saint Lucia • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • San Marino (Republic of) • Singapore (Republic of) • Slovakia • Slovenia • South Africa (Republic of) • Spain (Kingdom of) • Surinam • Sweden (Kingdom of) • Switzerland - Helvetic Confederation • Suriname • Trinidad and Tobago • Turkey (Republic of) • United kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland • United States of America (The) • Uruguay (Republic of) • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)